Friday, August 15, 2014

Five on Friday: Five Things that Confuse Me

It's Friday again! I'm confused about where this whole week went. I had a pretty busy week, but now that it's Friday night and I'm looking back on things... I'm not really sure what all I accomplished this week.


Well, in honor of my confusion, here are -

Five (more) Things that Confuse Me:

#5 - Kids. Ha! I love my kids, and most of the time they make sense (or if not, at least I can usually figure out their line of reasoning, even if it's not the way I would think). But sometimes... sometimes, there's just no figuring them out. Hmm. You know... sometimes... adults can be pretty confusing too... Maybe I should rewrite this point...

#4 - This list is confusing me right now. Yeah... I completely just forgot what I was going to write for #4, and I've tried and I totally cannot remember what it was...

#3 - Our "good" old dog. Yes, Superlab is really confusing me right now. This dog... she's almost eight years old now. She's always been so good, and trustworthy. I mean, I could leave a plate of food on the floor and leave the house for a while, and when I came back she would not have touched it. But lately if we leave anything on the kitchen table and walk out of the room, she gets up on the table and eats it! My poor table has the scratch marks to prove it! (The other day, she ate half a stick of butter off the table. Gross.) She'll also dig in the trash can if we leave lid open and rip open trash bags if she gets a chance. Why, Superlab, why? Why are you being so... weird?!?

#2 - Cake without frosting! Sometimes, I read a recipe that says something like, "this cake is so rich it doesn't even need frosting". Yeah, right. That's absurd. A cake is not a cake without frosting. A cake without frosting is basically just... bread (sort of).

#1 - And finally, I think it would be very confusing to live too close to the "line" where the time zone changes. How does that work? You leave your house at 2:00pm to pick up some groceries. You drive for thirty minutes. When you get to the grocery store, it's 1:30pm - or 3:30pm, depending whether you're traveling east or west. (Poof! Time travel!) But it's 2:30 at your house, so if you have an appointment at your house at 4:00 you'd have to remember to do the math so you got there at the right time...

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  1. Our dogs have hit the senior citizen age. They'll obey if THEY want to. No offense to any senior citizens who may read this.


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