Wednesday, February 6, 2013

You Want to Do What?!?

Recently my hubby began taking some night classes. Any guesses what for?
Here's a hint: It involves flashing lights and sirens.
I can't believe it myself. He is taking an EMT-Basic course (and if you actually guessed that one - good for you!). He says he's always wanted to do something like this, but that's news to me! (Just further proof that there is always something new that you can learn about your spouse...) I didn't really believe he was serious when he first came to me with the idea, but he took several weeks to think and pray about it and... here we are! Frankly, I don't understand it - which is probably because I could never do it myself. I get a bit squeamish just thinking about it. I won't even look in his textbook. (Insert shiver here.) But, of course, I am glad that there are people like him who are willing and able to do such a job!
The course began in mid-January and will continue through the end of May. He has two (four hour) classes each week in the evening, with a few Saturdays thrown in. He is very busy with homework and studying between classes, so it feels like it is kinda taking over our life for the time being, but that's okay. I have been helping him study after the kids go to bed, so I am picking up a good deal of medical terminology along the way as well. Not really sure how helpful it is that I now know the name of the bump on the side of your ankle (malleolus), but anyway...
Of the group who began the course, the leaders estimate that only about 1/3 to 1/4 of them will actually complete it. In fact, there have been quite a few who have already dropped out. There are several tests throughout the course, and the students have to maintain at least an 80% average to be able to take the final exam. Their first test is coming up next week, and he has been studying very diligently. He sat on the floor at our friend's Superbowl party this last Sunday and made flashcards for pretty much the entire 4 1/2 hours. I'm praying that all his hard work pays off for him!
As far as the kids go, they are as rambunctious as ever these days. One day I plan to set up the camera and take time-lapse photos of my living room floor... At our last house we were priveleged - no, more like BLESSED - to have a large playroom in addition to our living room. Here, the living room IS the playroom. Despite the fact that almost all of the toys are stored in the kids' bedroom, which is right beside the living room, they very rarely play in there. Instead, they prefer to coat the living room floor with toys so that one cannot walk across it. Every day. On the plus side, both of them are becoming very good cleaner-uppers!
They are growing so fast these days. Both of them are outgrowing their clothes faster than I can keep up with. Our son is beginning to learn better pronunciation. He does pretty good if I remember to keep reminding him about it, but if I let it slide, so does he. This month he learned to say the "L" sound, which means that when he sings his favorite song, God is not "roaring like an ion" any more - lol. Our daughter will turn two in just a couple of months, and I feel like the "terrible twos" are making an early appearance... Okay, so it's really not that bad, but she has been quite the "stinkerwitz" these last couple of weeks. (For those who aren't sure what a stinkerwitz is - it is a PA Dutch-based term of ... endearment ... which means that a person - usually a child - is displaying naughtiness at a level that is humorous rather than punishment-inducing. A good example of this would be - a couple of nights ago, when our little girl came tearing out of the bathroom at high speed, laughing hysterically, while she pulled half the roll of toilet paper across the house. She was naughty, yes, but too cute to scold - she was having so much fun... and I just ended up laughing with her as I collected the tp off the floor.)
This week both my parents and my in-laws booked tickets to come and visit us this spring. We are all very excited, and looking forward to their visits with great anticipation! It is not that far away... but it kinda feels like forever anyway. But, seeing as how it is now February and I feel like we just hit the New Year yesterday, maybe it will go faster than I think!
Well, that's about it for my update right now. I just made some really awesome cookies with regular and white chocolate chips, toffee bits, coconut and walnuts. They are super chunky and chock full of yummy goodness... and they are fresh out of the oven... and I gotta go pour some milk to go with them...
Oh, and don't forget... please send in your tips for cooking, cleaning, housekeeping, child care, etc. (see previous post if you're not exactly sure what I'm referring to)!!! Email me at by February 13th (that's next Wednesday!).
"Do you not know? Have you not heard? The Lord is the everlasting God, the Creator of the ends of the earth. He will not grow tired or weary, and his understanding no one can fathom."
-Isaiah 40: 28-29 (NIV 1984)

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