Friday, November 30, 2012

Why Laundry Is Like Rabbits

*Multiplication.  Laundry has, in my house at least, an astounding rate of multiplication.  Many times I leave a shirt and a pair of pants alone together in a room and return several hours later to find that they have somehow added to their number a pair of underwear and several mismatched socks.  Left alone for more than a day, they can easily quadruple their numbers.

*Prevalence.  Laundry is always showing up everywhere.  I find socks hiding under the kitchen table and shirts stuffed in the toy bins.  Blankets love to hide in faraway corners.  There is seemingly nowhere that laundry cannot be found.

*Resistance.  Laundry can never be fully eradicated.  Even when I think I have thoroughly scoured the house and turned up every piece of laundry.  Even when I carefully transport all items to the washer while watching for dropped socks.  After all is washed, folded and put away, I settle down onto the couch for a well-deserved break, reach for the remote, and feel the familiar knit of a sock under my fingertips, and I sigh... 

Because:  Laundry is like rabbits.  (but not as cute)

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