Friday, July 25, 2014

Five on Friday: Five Ways to Beat the Heat

I grew up without air conditioners. We had to come up with other ways to cool off in the heat of summertime. My mom had one of the best ideas EVER. She used to fill up several plastic containers with good, fresh snow sometime in the winter and stick them in the back of the deep freeze. Then, when summer was at it's absolute peak and we were so hot that we couldn't stand ourselves anymore, she'd break out the containers of snow (which everyone else had forgotten about by then) and we'd have ourselves a snowball fight in the backyard. It was so much fun!

This year, we've got a couple of window a/c units sitting down in the basement that we haven't installed yet. It really hasn't been that terribly hot this summer... until this week. Ugh! But, having made it this long without the a/c, I'm kinda determined to hang in there and just tough it out. It just seems like too much work to put them in and then take them out only a couple of weeks later.

And I neglected to save some snow for us, so here are some of our (other) favorite ways to beat the heat:

Five Ways to Beat the Heat

#5 - Hang out in the basement. (If you have a basement, of course.) I think ours is at least 10 degrees cooler than upstairs. It practically feels air conditioned. The kids have been playing down there all day so far, without me even saying anything about it. Smart kids.

#4 - For a good night's sleep, try taking a cool (not cold) shower or bath right before you go to bed.

#3 - Go away. Go to the store, or the library, or your friend's house... anywhere that is air conditioned... and hang out for a few hours. Or half the day. Whatever.

#2 - Go swimming, or have a friendly water fight.

#1 - Get ice cream. Or any other kind of frozen treat. Then eat it as slowly as you can without having it melt and drip on the floor. Alternatively, you could just drink ice water. But, I figure I'm probably going to sweat out all the ice cream calories anyway, as hot as it is, so why not go for it? Mmmmm.... ice cream. I wish I had some right now.

How do you like to beat the heat? Tell me in the comments below! I could use some more ideas.
Have fun, and stay cool out there!

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